2014 and 2015

Mostly wildlife from East Africa.

2014 and 2015

All over the shop: Cementing the transition to junkheap for holiday snaps, here are some pictures of the ever alluring Cape Town and surrounding area. There are even jackass penguins to guarantee that the intertubes love me.


December: Huayna Potosí. Somewhat more holiday-photo-esque than the usual fare, but it's my damn website and maybe it's time it had something other than cute Pacific children on it. Still very much in the holiday-snap vein, there are also new photos, TV and radio on Three Men. There may even be some Archive highlights appearing soon, if you're lucky.

July: A working mine in Potosí, Bolivia.

May: A trip to the Anzaldo area of Bolivia to demonstrate solar cookers.


October: A couple of dozen from Funafuti, Tuvalu. There are also new pictures and video on Three Men.

September: Just when you thought new photos would never again appear on this site, I've dug up a handful from a research trip to the Uganda–Kenya border, in and around Busia.


My name is Dan Hetherington. This site is a collection of photos that I've taken over the past however many years. It also houses a selection by Oli Stewart, although that isn't really anything to do with me. For the most part these pictures don't represent anything or have any deliberate meaning or purpose. Malcolm MacLaren is dubiously quoted as proclaiming that "Plagiarism is what the world's about. If you didn't start seeing things and stealing them because you were so inspired by them, you'd be stupid." That is mostly what photography means to me. All I really try to do is steal pieces of reality that I want to show somebody else. This kind of photography is not creative. There is more than enough stuff happening out there for me to steal and show you without needing and go and invent any more of it.

Each image below will take you to a collection of pictures drawn from the same time and place. The 'info' link next to each photo will take you to a few words about the collection as a whole, but for the time being the explanations are rather Spartan. Without intention there is barely anything to explain. One of the great things about photography is that when you steal from reality, you tend to steal a little bit more than you ever intended. I'm more than happy for you to find all kinds of stuff in there that I never noticed. The more I tell you about the pictures the more I worry that I might start to blind you to anything in them that doesn't fit with the way that I look at it all.

Silencescape is not a typo for Silence Escape. It is derived from landscape, seascape, soundscape, etc. A silencescape is a panorama of silence.

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The 'Oli' and 'Cabin' links refer to separate sites, but (more or less) all other images on this site are copyright Dan Hetherington 2001–2015. They are released under a Creative Commons licence (here are the terms in plain English). Please get in touch if you would like to use anything here under a different licence (eg for commercial purposes).

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