August in Honiara

It's taken me a while to figure out how I'm going to disentangle the continuous mess of photos in such a way that they'll somehow fit into this site without pulling it too far out of shape. I still doubt that this is the Proper way of doing it, but it'll have to do for now or else I'll never get around to putting anything up. So these are all from August in Honiara, although almost all were taken in one day, I think.


I was mostly trying to find things to take photos of that I know from experience would become invisible to me once I'd been here for a month, and writing this in mid-October it's already become true: I look at these pictures and think "what is that a photo of?" even though it was a striking sight at the time. I still get a kick out of people selling hair tonic, but they're everywhere in Honiara and not photo-worthy any longer. Perhaps these few photos will give you a better idea of what Honiara is like than any that follow; the longer I stay here the more i'll seek out the unusual to photograph and everyday sights will get lost in the cracks.

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