The Baltics

Taken in July 2003 in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithunania. For the purposes of this site, Olithetranslator and that random guy at that hotel... i don't know which... the Karavella?... whatever... anyway, those two are honourary METs. Not Costas though. I haven't got anything against costas, it just seemed to fit better that way. The originals are a mixture of colour and black and white, although none whatsoever were taken with 3200 ASA film, because I can't read. Not even numbers. Oh, and I can't tell the difference between lilac and light blue either. It's not colour-blindness, it's stupidity.

I think James Harland took one or two of these.

So the second set has finally gone up, only six months late. You might wonder why it's taken me six months to stick a couple of photos on a website, considering that I've done absolutely nothing else in that six months. Well, it's just because they're a bit shit, really. But this morning I finally decided that they have to go up, because there's a picture of Costas in there. Look at him! He's so cute! Boo yah.

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