Nova Scotia

Taken in September and October 2004 on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, mostly around River Denys, where Jon is in the process of building a log cabin with the help of The Complete Guide to Log Home Building by Monte Burch. They really are exclusively for documentary purposes and should not be expected to have any kind of aesthetic value. Except for the ones with Oli in. Oli's hair is solely responsible for maintaining the artistic integrity and credibility of this selection. I think it does a reasonable job, no? The originals are all colour. The black and white are still sitting in my camera.

Oli's got some more, but I don't think he ever put them up.

The scanning's a little bit shocking on some of these but it'snotmyfaultit'snotmyfault. I got them on CD from somewhere cheap because scanning is so boring. Anyway, it occasionally throws in a sort of cheesy, romantic, soft-focus filter — noticably over Oli more than anyone else — which saves me the effort of having to do that myself.

Later stages of this project got their very own bit if the unworld at Three Men and a Log.

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