I took all of these in September 2007, with a new SLR, so there might be a bit of a jump in technical quality compared to the previous stuff. I now realise that this means I've missed out an entire camera that never produced anything worth sticking up here. Or maybe I just didn't travel so much the last couple of years. Anyway, new camera, new lens, no more scanning, no more photolabs fucking up even the simplest lines, no more taking stuff in black and white.

I need to thank Lulu Martinez for taking the time to show me around Gawad Kalinga, an intriguing project in metropolitan Manila providing a home and livelihood to many Filipino families — and for giving me directions to Rizal Park complex enough to get me thoroughly lost (which is always the best place to be photographically). Many of the pictures here are of families involved with the project, who were remarkably tolerant of yet another clueless foreigner nosing around their homes. They were all much better at being gracefully welcoming than I managed with any of the Rotarians. Also thanks to Myra Lorredo and Kay Bulaong for putting me in touch with Lulu and for generally being so friendly and welcoming. I hope I can offer you both reciprocal hospitality in Solomon Islands someday.

Thankyou also to Boyong and Manding for explaining the staggering and simple truth of Red Horse.

The rest of these were taken on the streets of Manila.

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